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Within 6 months of working with Tamara I went from nothing to thousands of social media followers, a #1 bestselling book, high­paying coaching clients, back-to-back speaking engagements, and a 6-figure income. Within one year I scaled my income to 7- figures. When I joined Kingdom Builders Academy I was making $46,000 a year. Last month I made $146,000!

- Brian Bosche 

I Started the Year With a $30,000 Profit! The New Year has started off with major highs and lows. My husband and daughter miraculously walked away without a scratch from an auto accident that totaled our car. My mom had a triple bypass surgery with complications and needed a second surgery. And in the midst of all this I had the great honor of helping hundreds of women around the world. I did two online challenges and spoke 15 times in 15 days! I started the year with a $30,000 profit!

- Caroline Bergeron 

$30,0000 in Sales from First Coaching Program, Speaking Invitations and Changed Lives! I had a life-changing message and an audience ... but I didn't know how to package and promote my content without feeling I was promoting myself. From the way Tamara taught I knew she could help me execute the correct steps to get my message out successfully. The results so far? I was able to launch two groups and my revenue now exceeds $30,000 for my first launch! The testimonials of the participants is the biggest fruit of all and gives me confidence to keep going because lives are being transformed!

- Elizabeth Fisher Good 

Are Our Results So Far ... $109,400 in Revenue! In between home schooling my children I launched a coaching program using Coach Tam's system and the results have knocked our socks off! We now have a group of 7000+ women who are reading the Bible in one year with us! The revenue we generated from our coaching program launch also blew our minds ... I also just published my second book and am working on my 3rd book which is set to be released July 1 of this year!

- Summer Dey 

#1 Bestselling Author! Plus a Highly Successful Coaching Program and a National Speaking Tour! A huge thank you to Coach Tamara and the KBA Coaches! My book rose to #1 on Amazon's bestseller list! When I actually saw it there on the computer screen, MY book at #1 on Amazon ... all I could say is WOW! I know this wouldn't have been possible without the support, training, encouragement and strategies provided in Kingdom Builders Academy! This book was 11 years in the making, and now to have the privilege of being able to share it worldwide is truly incredible! I've also launched a successful coaching practice and a national speaking tour! I want to testify to the effectiveness of Kingdom Builders Academy - I could not have done it without you!

- Cathy Heiliger 

I stayed the course and the results have been mind-blowing! I got clarity on my message, built my expert system, finished my website, built my email list and started my coaching business. I currently have five 1-on-1 clients who each pay me $1000 to coach them. I've started writing my book and will be launching my group coaching program next month!

- Sharon Robinson 

I Made $18,420 and Signed Up 16 Clients in My First Launch ... PLUS Amazon #1 Bestselling Book! I did not have a Godly mentor who understood what God had called me to do and was able to provide me with the blueprint to get there. I needed a comprehensive approach to achieve the big vision God had given me. I had never heard of Coach Tam until the Kingdom Builders Live. I had peace from the Holy Spirit that God trusted her and her team with my ministry. So I auditioned for a spot in Kingdom Builders Academy. Little did I know how that decision would change my life!

- Jacquel Tucker 

My Business Has More Than Doubled ... in Just Four Months! My studio enrolled 100 students at our dance studio last week! We had 62 students when I started Kingdom Builders Academy just a few months ago. God is awesome! It might not sound like a lot but it is a big win considering the small town I live in. I'm so thankful for KBA! It's a wonderful thing being surrounded by such successful individuals who have the same passion to build God's Kingdom. I love you guys!

- Claire Lewis

15 New Streams of Passive Income, an Online Bible College and a #1 Bestselling Book on Amazon! When I found Coach Tam I had just been downsized from my job and was anxious about the future. I was stressed because I had no money to pay the bills and no idea how I was going to support my wife and 11 kids. I prayed I would get invited into Kingdom Builders Academy and when I was, by faith, I jumped at the opportunity! God miraculously provided the tuition for me. Under Tamara's mentorship, I've created numerous on line courses and coaching programs, an online Bible College with 1200 students worldwide, I've published an Amazon #1 bestselling book, and created 15 new streams of passive income!

- Pastor David Baker 

I started to get paying clients for my previous 2 coaching programs that I had developed prior to Inner Circle, but didn't know how to sell! I applied the KBA system to both of those programs and got clients for both of them, even though on my own I never got even one client! KBA built me a beautiful website! I learned how to use the tools to add all of my coaching programs to my product portal, created a biogs, a shop, etc. I have 4 coaching programs and I am now a DISC Certified Personality Consultant! I've made $22,552 in 11 months and a world of opportunity has opened up to me!

- Glenis Ortega McEwen

I Have a #1 Bestseller and Now Clients are Chasing Me! The three-day promotion of my new book, Train for Joy, resulted in my book ranking #1 on Amazon in new releases, in business coaching and mentoring! People in my Linkedln network have started reaching out to me for private coaching and consulting! Without Coach Tamara and the Kingdom Builders Academy Coaches I would not have been able to achieve all of this!

- Corinna Kong 

I Wasn't Sure Tamara's System Would Work But I Got 5 Clients and Earned £2400 ($3300) Right Away! I wasn't sure if Tamara's system would work for me, but in just a few months I had paying clients, a beautiful website, a lead magnet, a private Facebook group and a growing email list. I'm currently finishing up a new book and putting together several other courses and programs! On my own I could not have accomplished all this so quickly and easily. Kingdom Builders Academy gave me a proven system, experienced coaches that helped whenever I had got stuck or had questions, and a community of like-minded believers to draw support from. It's been an amazing, life-changing experience!

- Lincoln Rupesinghe

I Now Have 21 Sources of Income ... All Thanks to What I Learned in Tamara's Inner Circle! After 35+ years in ministry finances were my biggest challenge. I'm happy to say, that is no longer the case! Because of what I've learned in KBA I now have 21 sources of income, including a consulting business, group coaching clients, a thriving speaking business and a #1 bestselling book! I've produced numerous live events, built a sizeable mailing list, created and sold music, teaching products, online courses and more. I've also had the opportunity to appear as a media guest on many radio shows and TV programs. When it comes to the how-to steps of building a successful business or ministry it doesn't get any better than Kingdom Builders Academy!

- Dayna Belcher 

Over $15,000 and 18 New Clients ... In Less Than 2 Weeks! My Income Has Tripled!
Since joining Kingdom Builders Academy I've increased my client base by 20%, I became an international bestselling author on day one of my book launch And my income has tripled! The training, templates and timelines KBA provides are so valuable and they work! It's empowered me to reach my goals so much sooner than I ever could on my own. Kingdom Builders Academy is the best investment of time and money l've ever made! 

- Lisa Vanderkwaak 

My Book Hit #1 .. .in SIX Categories! It was indeed a FUN book launch!! I am #1 in SIX Amazon categories! Coach Tamara your launch strategy is what made this happen!! And I have also signed my first $500/month Coaching Client! OMG! This is getting REAL! I love it!

- Trudy Beerman

Bestselling Book, Podcasting, Coaching Program and Global Ministry ... In Just 7 Months! Tamara Lowe is a living epistle of what she teaches and I wanted to learn from her because I had a similar life experience. When I encountered Coach Tam I had recently gone through a difficult divorce, had a new baby, and had relocated to a new country. Within the first 7 months of Kingdom Builders Academy I started a global ministry that is sharing the message of Christ to tens of thousands of people in 48 countries. I learned how to use the power of technology to defy all geographical limitations. I wrote a bestselling book and earned $25,000 with the launch of my first coaching program! God brought my life back on track through KBA, and also brought me into my exact, divine purpose!

- lmaobong Odutola 

Amazing Progress in Record Time! My Life and Ministry are Forever Changed! In the first two months of Kingdom Builders Academy I launched a coaching program. I quickly acquired paying clients who are excited about the program and are giving me rave reviews!  Plus I made £3488! I'm finishing up a book now and starting a podcast after that. This program worksl The easy-to-use systems and hands-on training allow you to make amazing progress in record time I If you are considering KBA ... GO FOR IT! It's a no-brainer!

- Marsha Williams 

After 4 Years in Business With Zero Profit, Imagine My Surprise When THIS Happened ... Tamara Lowe's Kingdom Builders Academy offered a complete system and a Biblically-based community where I could finally feel at home. I used the scripts, strategies and systems KBA provides and right away I picked up 3 clients at $1000 each! Then I got on one of the Power Up calls with Coach Tam and was convinced that I was still low-balling my worth. So I raised my prices and to my amazement, people continued to sign up!

- Chonta Haynes 

#1 Bestselling Book, Private FB Group with 237 Members, Coaching Clients, and Unstoppable Confidence! All I can say is that this experience has been LIFE CHANGING for me I I have grown personally, professionally, and in my faith. My finances have been blessed! I am now a #1 Bestselling Author, have a growing social media following, an email list, a coaching program, and more! I have clarity, confidence and PAYING clients! 

- Kelly Hale 

I received a text from a lady asking me to give her a call because she needed advice. In my mind I could hear Coach Tam's voice saying, ''Why give away your advice and experience for free when decent people will happily pay decent money for your help?'' So I said, ''Let's set up a call this Thursday at 4:00." We met by phone and I followed Coach Tam's script word-for-word, then I offered her a six-week series of one-hour coaching calls. It was absolutely effortless using Coach Tam's system! Not only did she sign up on the spot, she said,
''Thank you SO SO much for extending the invitation to your coaching program! I'm IN! I so appreciate you!''

- Karen Sweeting

I Went from Having No Business To Paying Clients, A Group Coaching Program And Tons of Speaking Invitations! I knew God wanted to use me for His glory, but I didn't know how to reach the masses. I was invited to join Kingdom Builders Academy and the results have been amazing! I went from zero clients and no mailing list to paying clients, a group coaching program, 400 on my email list, 3000 social media followers and numerous speaking invitations ... All in less than 1 year!

- Connie Tresedder

Before Kingdom Builders Academy I Was Scared of Technology, Scared of Marketing, and Scared of Charging People to Help Them ... In just two months Tamara Lowe's teaching transformed my thinking and set me free! There is nothing pushy, sales-y or obnoxious about Tamara's methods. I learned how to connect with people in a genuine, loving and authentic way ... and still make sales while using a script! KBA gave me the word-for-word language to use, and a step-by-step system for finding the right clients. I discovered that it was possible for me to engage with clients, have confidence in the strength of my offer, and present it boldly. I gained 5 high-paying clients right away, and more are in the pipeline!

- Judit Catan

Prior to Kingdom Builders Academy the most I had EVER made in 2.5 years of business was $2500 in a month. Shortly after joining KBA and utilizing Tamara's system I started having $10,000 months! ... And now I'm doing $10,000 WEEKS! Not $10k per month but $10k per WEEK! I am not some special unicorn with a "success gene" that you don't have. Everything you need is in this program and in this community. All you have to do is follow the process.

- Whitney Barbary

9 New Clients in Less Than 2 Weeks and Extra Money in All My Accounts! Thank you, Coach Tamara, for being a role model for me as a Christian businesswoman. Your obedience to the Lord has directly impacted so many lives for the better-mine included. I said YES to my marketplace ministry and Mastermind Ministries was born. I've picked up nine new clients in less than two weeks. I have extra money in all of my bank accounts and I've been able to give on a much larger scale. Spiritually, I feel like my heart has been cleaned out with a Rota-Rooter! Thank you feels rather insufficient ... but, thank you!

- Jan Goss-Gibson

My Book Hit #1 on Amazon in Three Categories! Plus I Just Landed My First Media Interview and Book Signing Event! I just landed my first media interview and book signing event for my new book, Song of the Barren: Miscarriages to Miracles. I'm using Coach Tam's "Killer Bullets" for radio spots and sending listeners to my landing page. It's all coming together! I'm so in love with this group, I'm bypassing my 1,000+ friends when I get on Facebook and going straight to our private Inner Circle FB group! I adore our KBA Coaching!

- Michelle Chudy

Inner Circle Gave Me a lOx Increase in Income, a Powerful Website, Thousands of Social Media Followers ... And Spiritual Riches Too! The website that has been created for me is beautiful and A HUGE VALUE!! Learning all the technical requirements for an online business has been priceless. In my first launch using the Kingdom Builders Academy strategies, I conducted a 5-week group class that earned $3,050 which was 10 times what I had earned doing that class prior to KBA! My social media following has grown from hundreds to thousands. And I have done all this while still working 2 other jobs.

- Karen Deloach

I Produced an Online Course, Videos, Books, Workbooks, a Coaching Program, Got Paying Clients and More! Within 2 months I got my first high-paying paying clients! Then I wrote, recorded, and edited 12 video lessons for my "90-Day Habit Transformation'' Course. Then, in just 75 days, I wrote a book, produced a 12-lesson video course with slides, and wrote a workbook. Wow! I also had to learn how to record and edit videos, as well as make slides ... Thank God for my Kingdom Builders Academy coaches who helped me and patiently taught me every step of the way!

- Linda LeAlcala

Mega-Successful Christian Inventors Turn Their Genius into Online Course, Coaching Program and #1 Bestselling Book! We've brought six of our inventions to market, and all six of them were multimillion-dollar successes. Our inventions have sold millions in Costco, Home Depot, Target and more. God has given us a special ability in the realm of invention. We know how to vet an idea, patent, trademark, manufacture and bring inventions to market successfully. What we didn't know was how to transfer our knowledge to other Christians with God­given money-making ideas. That's why we joined Kingdom Builders Academy. KBA helped us create and launch Invent Shine, an online course and coaching program that gives would-be inventors a go-to-market strategy for their ideas. Tamara showed us how to build our list, create and market an online video course, and launch a #1 bestselling book. We couldn't have done it without Coach Tam, KBA and the Holy Ghost! What a team!

- Tom and Allison Cartwright

Kingdom Builders Academy Reignited My Faith and Made Me Embrace My Worth!  Gaining the confidence to raise my prices has also made a tremendous difference in my quality of life! A lot of people have been promised much but received nothing from business gurus. I will tell you that Tamara Lowe and Kingdom Builders Academy are radically different. Coach Tamara is authentic, transparent and Kingdom ­oriented in her teaching. The community and coaches are infinitely supportive! KBA reignited my faith and made me embrace my value!

- Hannag Adjepong

I Now Have Paying Clients and an Easy System that Generates New Clients Automatically Each Month! When I found Tamara I was already a public speaker. I had already built a website and following. I'd already written books, and marketed my services. What I didn't have was a high ticket back end or the ability to generate high quality leads. Since joining Kingdom Builders Academy I've become a #1 bestselling author, acquired paying clients, and most importantly, learned a system that continues to produce more clients each and every month. In KBA, you learn strategies and concepts that no other marketer, coach, or guru will teach you. The time and money I invested was so well worth it and will pay dividends for a lifetime.

- John C. Buckley

#1 Bestselling Author of Four Books, Two Theology Degrees and an International Ministry Since Joining Tamara Lowe's Inner Circle! My husband and I joined Kingdom Builders Academy for help in building our first online business. We had no prior online experience and needed expert guidance. As a result of Coach Tamara's mentorship we completed our first book, Finding God, which ranked #1 on Amazon's bestseller list. Our second book was recently published and is doing great on Amazon! We also have two Bible study guides now available on Amazon! We also started an online ministry called Christ Visions International. We have 20 overseas churches who have joined with us and we are growing still! We teach classes to our regional coordinators and they implement those teachings to small groups in their local villages. I have learned so much and have been blessed beyond measure to be included in this wonderful, Christian group of coaches and mentors!

- Vici Francoies

Golf Pro Builds His Dream Ministry, Melding his Love for Golf and his Love for God! Kingdom Builders Academy is the best and most comprehensive program that I have found to gather together all of the resources necessary to accomplish your calling. The first month alone is a mind-blowing and helps you get total clarity about your vision, ability to bring it to market and monetize it successfully. The training, the curriculum, the caring, praying coaches and community are an absolute gift from the God. For so long I had attempted to meld my passion for golf, my knowledge and desire for ministry into a sustainable business model. My challenges were many: I couldn't organize my thoughts, package or market them. I couldn't seem to formulate a marketing message for my ideal client. I didn't have the on line tools I needed. In fact, I didn't even know which tools I needed I I couldn't get organized enough to write a book. Under Coach Tamara's guidance I accomplished all of the above and more! My book reached #1 on the Amazon bestseller list. Because of this I now have influence with thousands of people online and a receptive audience with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the PGA and morel

- Bill Poirier

18 New Clients and Over $20,000 in Coaching Revenue! Creating a business my husband and I can do together has been a great joy! I now have an online website and presence which has generated 8 private clients and 10 group clients totaling $15,000. I have a FB group and have learned the power of organic social media marketing. I recently became a KBA coach and have generated $3000 from that. I have grown in joy and confidence from being a member of Kingdom Builders Academy, and now a KBA coach. I have moved to a new level of faith and renewed my love of God's word.

- Stephen and Maria Crane

I Earned $5000 and Acquired 6 New Clients .. .In Just a Few Weeks with No Prior Experience! I had unsuccessfully tried other programs before. I realized I needed a "hands on" approach and I loved that Kingdom Builders Academy was in alignment with my spiritual values. I found my tribe! I discovered like-minded Christians who inspire, encourage, motivate and support me. Kingdom Builders Academy is a proven system that works! It will save you so much time and guesswork!

- Kelly Hale

Shocker: People Are Happy to Pay for What I Used to Give Away for Free ... And They Get Better Results Because They Are Fully Invested! I have always loved teaching, especially Christian teaching. But the idea of charging for my training was challenging for me to embrace. I followed the KBA system and quickly signed up my first 5 paying clients, earning $4,500 which was amazing. I learned that people put their full focus where they are fully invested. All 5 students have learned how to prophesy easily, with power in their results.

- Gary Jepson

Knowing exactly what to say to potential clients, and how to communicate the value of my services, has given me so much confidence I I'm no longer afraid to put a big price tag on my time and training. My whole thinking process has changed, knowing that I can easily get clients from all I've learned I The knowledge I've gained from Kingdom Builders Academy is phenomenal! In the first two months alone I acquired 4 high-paying clients!

- Lisa Cassman

#1 Bestselling Book, Audiobook Complete, and Coaching Program Set to Launch!
I didn't want to take the dreams God gave me to the grave. That's why I joined Kingdom Builders Academy. I wanted to release my message to the world but I didn't know how to do it on my own. Since joining KBA, I have completed 2 books. The first got to #1 status on Amazon in numerous categories. And I have recently published the paperback based on customer requests. I also just published my second book, Coming Out Christian, and have the audiobook complete and ready for release. I highly recommend Tamara Lowe's Kingdom Builders Academy. If the fire is burning, pour on the gas! God wants you to do your dream! If the harvest wasn't possible for you, God wouldn't have planted the seed in you.

- Les Allen

I Made $4000 in Sales on My First Launch ... And I Never Even Knew I Was a Coach!
I created a 90-Day Transformation Coaching Programme and in my very first launch I got four 1-on-1 clients who pay me $1,000 each to coach them! I've held two masterclasses, had an increase in book sales, and currently have 70 people on my email list who signed up through the gorgeous website that KBA built for me! I have developed more confidence in myself and in the power of my message to transform others.

- Desiri Okobia

I completed a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership with a Concentration in Coaching and Mentoring. Then I started a coaching business but struggled for years and lacked the ability to get clients. My coaching certification didn't help me at all. I couldn't even give away my coaching for FREE before ... But I made $5400 the very first time I used Tamara Lowe's system! Kingdom Builders Academy provides guaranteed results! I'm proof that her system works!

- Janet Lynn Garcia

59 People Signed Up for Strategy Sessions And I Had My First Paying Client ... In Only 2 Days!! The success of my coaching practice has completely lifted the financial burden from my family. In my private Facebook group, there are sales, there are prayers, and there are conversations about how we can work together for the future. I am SO humbled and thankful I'm finally starting to attract my tribe! I didn't engage in social media at all prior to Kingdom Builders Academy- so anyone can do it! Step by step, just follow the KBA system!

- Anne-Laure Jackson

I attended Kingdom Builders Live last year and immediately signed up for her Kingdom Builders Academy. I was having problems selling my coaching services and kept giving away my time for free. Procrastination was also an issue for me. I needed accountability and an easy-to-use system that would give me quick results. That's EXACTLY what I found in KBA!
I immediately signed up three 1-on-1 clients at $1000 each! And this month I'm launching a group coaching program!

- Valerie Robinson

I simply could not wrap my head around charging for what I had always done for free. However, the Power Up call with Coach Tam and Coach Zack spoke to my heart so loudly and so clearly. I pressed through however and made my first strategy call, using the script Coach Tam provides for us ... And to my surprise, the very first person I spoke to signed up! I then made another call and another and each time, the person signed up! I literally made 7 calls and had 7 paying clients! Kingdom Builders Academy is a God-send. I am here to tell you, the KBA Process definitely works! 

- Linda Lakey Owen

I developed a high-ticket coaching offer using the exact steps Tamara recommends in Kingdom Builders Academy. I had 13 clients sign up which represents $14,000 in sales ... and there are many others still interested in signing up! All this time I was seeking the wrong thing which was an honorarium and a few book sales. This is amazing! I'm in awe!

- Dr Venessa M. Battle

Thank You, Tamara! My Devotional Book is Now a #1 International Bestseller! Thank you for your support in turning my devotional into an International #1 Bestseller in multiple categories! Tamara Lowe and Zack Lowe are truly amazing Christian Leaders of the 21st Century! Thank you for all you do every day. And of course, I would like to thank the ENTIRE KBA family. It is a huge blessing to be a part of such an awesome entrepreneurial Christian community! I love you all!

- Dr. Brenda Bowers

For over 20 years in ministry, I served people ... for free. So, the idea of charging for my time was a totally new concept. Honestly, I wasn't sure I could do it, or if it would even work. I doubted people would pay for my advice ...  But I'm happy to report I booked my first paying client in just ONE WEEK! I'm so excited to be doing things I've never done before! I knew I was supposed to expand my ministry, I just didn't know how. Thanks to Kingdom Builders Academy, now I do!

- Candra Niswanger

I Gained the System, Structure and Support I Needed to Grow My Business in a Dynamic Christian Community! I was working with a coach who couldn't offer scripture-based coaching and he referred me to Tamara Lowe. What I found in Tamara's Kingdom Builders Academy was exactly what I had been searching for - an experienced coach, a Bible-based community, a proven system, structure, accountability and experienced mentors. I have become crystal clear about my message, disciplined in my direction, and more focused on gaining new clients as a result. There is no better way to grow than this! There is nothing to lose in KBA; only so much to gain!

- David Freeland

I Have 5 New Clients Totaling £6645 ... And My Mindset Around Money is Completely Transformed! When the opportunity to join Kingdom Builders Academy came across my path I stepped out in faith. Neither my husband or I had a job and we had no savings. Now, just a few months later, my beautiful website, lead magnet, and marketing funnel are all up and running! I have paying clients in my programme and am a KBA Coach with my own Team!

- Sarah Holloway-Horsham