If you have been invited to join Inner Circle by one of Tamara's Coaches, please contact your Strategy Session Coach for more info.

Tamara Lowe is known as The Success Strategist to Superstars having built the public images, brands and businesses of countless celebrities. As a motivational speaker Tamara has trained more than 4,000,000 people in 75 nations. She built a billion dollar company from the ground up and has led over 500,000 businesspeople to faith in Christ.

My sales increased by 2,000%!

Boot Camp transformed my thinking but Inner Circle revolutionized my finances. Applying what I learned in Inner Circle, my average sale increased from $8.50 to $161.00 per person in just one month! A 2,000% increase!

Michael Francen, Author, Speaker, Evangelist


I'm now a #1 Bestselling Author!

My book, The House of You, hit #1 on Amazon in THREE categories!!!

I wrote the book for my Fast Track Coaching Certification homework. I sporadically wrote it over two days with many distractions.

I thank GOD and INNER CIRCLE for this!

Michelle Chudy, Author, Speaker & Coach

Inner Circle includes Fast Track, a power-packed intensive training track that equips you to become a Certified Coach in just 90 days. (Or you can take the more scenic route and take up to 12 months to complete your certification). Our step-by-step process removes the guesswork and gives you the skills you need for profitable success.

In Fast Track Tamara gives you a quick, easy system for writing books and ebooks-- and shows you how to get them on the bestseller list. You’ll learn the nitty gritty details about how to do videos, webinars, teleseminars, email marketing, affiliates, how to price your products, launch your coaching programs, and much, much more. It’s the exact formula that Tamara used to take Kingdom Builders Academy from zero to one million dollars in just 6 months. You get timelines, checklists, and a complete step-by-step system.

Fast Track is a Rapid IMPLEMENTATION Program
which means you’ll actually be:

  • Building your own business as you go
  • Creating and launching your offers
  • Generating online income
  • Writing an e-book
  • Producing your webinars and teleseminars
  • Getting PAYING coaching clients

All within the first 90 days!

My weekly webinar attendance went from 50 to over 20,000!

When I joined Inner Circle I had a small weekly webinar for the elderly and shut-ins of my church.

With one simple change that took less than one hour, Tamara showed me how to increase my attendance to more than 20,000 viewers around the world!

I am amazed and grateful for the increase in ministry results I've seen since joining Inner Circle!

Don Clowers, Senior Pastor

From the first day I joined Inner Circle the FAVOR of God increased!

No matter what I did, it seemed that I hit wall after wall-- for YEARS!

But from the very first day I joined Inner Circle the favor of God has overwhelmed me! Doors just keep flying open, one after another!

There really is an impartation by association inside the Inner Circle!

David Nico, Ph.D., Author of "The Diet Diagnosis"

I generated $10,600 in sales for my business my very first week!

Now I'm laser focused! I am attracting new clients and I know I can scale this even more. I feel very blessed and grateful to be a part of Inner Circle. It’s helping me tremendously to stay focused and accountable.”

Caity Hunt

I doubled my income in just 3 weeks!

Within 3 weeks of joining Inner Circle I learned a strategy that doubled my income! I've now gone from one stream of income (that barely supported family) to TEN streams of income!

Other than Jesus, my wife and our eleven children, Inner Circle is the biggest blessing of my life.

David Baker, Senior Pastor


Inner Circle showed me how live my passion of coaching

I didn't even know what a coach was three years ago. Now I am coaching women into their full potential.

Four books, two workbooks and one CD later I am still reaping the benefits of Inner Circle. My entire life has changed! Thank you, Coach Tamara, for unlocking my destiny!

Lakeisha Dixon, Breakthrough Strategist and Public Speaker


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