Perfectly Imperfect

We have now come to the openly unconcealed portion of our program. This is the part where the Great and Powerful Oz declares, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” Oops, our imperfections are showing. And truthfully, I kind of like it.  

I’m speaking at Lance Wallnau’s Train the Trainer event in Dallas this weekend. The crowd is awesome. My tribe is all here. I’m with my peeps. They love me and I love them! All is bliss and perfection… until… Well, until the lovely imperfections show.

99% of everything can be pure perfection, but then, there’s that impetuous 1% throwing a fit like a toddler in Wal-Mart: I just noticed that (what the heck!) there’s a BLEMISH on my Magnetic Marketing video! It was flawless when it was uploaded to the website. How did the picture of the magnet end up overlapping the text?! Even worse, I’m traveling and can’t fix it for days!

One of my early mentors, Zig Ziglar, taught me that ANYTHING WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING POORLY…AT FIRST. So, here’s the revelation of the day: I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I am committed to wow-ing my students with value and content, content, content. Ideally, it’s flawless. The unfortunate reality is that there is no such thing as “perfect” on this planet. There’s always a tiny smudge, a speck of dust, a little flaw… in even the most finely polished gem.

Don’t let the quest for perfection paralyze you. It will never be perfect. Never. No matter what the “it” is. “It” can always be better.  Inevitably, the “it” hits the fan. Our best-laid plans sometimes get slammed by unanticipated circumstances.

It’s okay, Love. Momma says, “It’s okay.” So the Magnetic Marketing video has teeny little flub. Oh well. The most valuable stamps are the ones with tiny flaws. Enjoy it while it’s there—because in just a wink, it’ll be gone.

Let me set you free, beautiful perfectionists everywhere… Your flaws are charming! They make you relatable. One lost petal makes the perfect flower no less lovely. Your vulnerabilities are endearing. Just like mine :)

 © Copyright 2015 by Tamara Lowe. All rights Reserved.