Character in Crisis

You will encounter many things in life that you feel helpless to change. I am not here to candy coat the bitter realities of life. You are going to face challenges that at times will test the limits of your endurance.

Financial uncertainties, sickness, marital conflict, the death of loved ones…

Some success “coaches” will tell you to think positively, you are the captain of your fate, you can “shift your physiology to a peak state” and thereby overcome all of life’s dilemmas.


Anyone who has a survival strategy that shallow should dial 911 and assume the crash position. You’re going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

The biting truth is that you just have to tough it out.

Character counts more than competence.

It is character that will carry you through crisis.

I’ve had the privilege of spending time with many world leaders and celebrities who have reached the highest levels of achievement. Not all of these highly successful people had wealthy parents, or phenomenal IQs or the best education, but they all have one thing in common….

As I reflect on my friendships with these extraordinary people I see that there is one quality that all extremely successful people share: they are people of character who developed the tenacity to survive.

They have learned how to hold on emotionally, physically and financially, when any reasonable person would have given up.

They did not succeed because they were destined to; they succeeded because they were determined to.

All of us experience crisis and I’m sure you’ve survived many fiery trials yourself.

Please comment below and tell me, what helped you overcome when you wanted to give up?